“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

Our Story

Our story is a simple one. We are a group of athletic trainers from all over the Globe who came together with a common goal – to change the sporting world. Although technology has grown exponentially in this sector, we noticed a huge flaw in the way the data is collected. We believe scientific data is the key in showing both the strengths and weaknesses of your athletes. With this data, it allows us as the coaches to better serve our customers and progress them with customized training. Athlete + Evolution = Avolve Sports

What is Avolve Sports?

Avolve Sports is a newly created technology company. It is a state of the art software application designed to quantify the Sports World. Primarily used by coaches/trainers, the Avolve tool will help users to efficiently demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of an athlete, identify areas of improvement, compare athletic data, and show customers substantial ROI. Avolve Sports is an application that can mathematically show the ability of any athlete and consequently shows quantifiable progression.

What does it do?

The Avolve Sports tool allows the user to input, store and analyze athletic data. The user can create, run and measure multiple training events through our fully customizable event management system.
Avolve Sports data inputting system allows the users to quickly enter athletic data and store it in a uniform format. This collection of data will then be instantly displayed in relevant data graphs to best show the athletes ability to progress.
The tool can track both physical and technical data. Users can use already pre-set tests or create their own gym specific tests. So whether it is a 40-yard dash or a volleyball spike, our customizable device will allow the user run their very own training assessment.

Testing Events

Our Testing Events feature is utilized on our web-based platform, which allows the user to easily manage their various events. These events are fully customizable and built using the Testing Events feature. The user can create/add drills, athletes, location, time, date and even add an event image. Athletes can be added manually or imported utilizing our easy to use import tool.

From here, the event session is Bluetooth connected to the coaches data input system. This connection automatically uploads data to iOS/Android so training staff can easily collect data out on the field using a phone or tablet device.

Score Tracker

Our Score Tracker allows for training entities and gyms to efficiently and consistently chart, track and organize their athletes’ assessment and result data. Our data input tool allows for training entities to build rosters of their athletes and in turn allows for customizable, quantifiable data collection in the most efficient system on the market.

Our Score Tracker tool allows for any measurement to be quantified and tracked by simply using a phone or tablet. This opens the door for trainers to show improvements, trends and development with ease. By automating the entire system and regulating the quantifiable movements, we aim to provide a global shift in the way athletes and their trainers reach success.


The Leaderboards tab allows athlete to see where they compare in quantified standards of measurement. With our system being utilized by multiple industry players across the country, the athletes are able to get a more realistic, data centric idea of where they currently stand in their athletic or technical ability.
Our leaderboards allow for a data-based ranking of athletes in an event. The trainer can quickly filter the leaderboard to show the best in any certain position, age, group, graduation year etc. By forcing the ranking system to be data centric, it is very easy to see which of your athletes lead the rest in any of the exercises being tested.

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